Smart control

Pretty to look at, not only at night. The FRIZ CAN also convinces due to its inner values. High-quality battery from LG and Samsung, magnetic charging plug, special lenses, security glass and an intelligent control are matched in a very small space.

Cordless light ensemble

We put great emphasis on cordless design. Because: no one likes wires. No matter if it is a tripping hazard or ugly cable spaghetti. This nightmare has come to and end. With powerful batteries you are finally independent. Set up your CAN. Activate it with your remote. Choose your accent color. Done.

Long runner

Evergreen, night crawler, glutton or long runner. There are many comparisons for the durability of the FRIZ CAN. We primarily focus on one quality: reliability. The compact LED spotlight brings you light, in normal brightness, for up to 24 hours. At full brightness, the battery still lasts for an entire work day. Eight to ten hours to be precise.

Natural colors

The world is colorful. Why should you not be able to see this at night as well? Ok. We help with innovative technology a little bit. The built-in special lense creates an homogenous, colorfast cone of light and is protected by security glass. Consequently, the CAN is able to depict the entire spectrum of colors up to daylight at a very high quality.

Defying natural forces

No matter if it is snow, pool or ocean water in the summer: the CAN is very robust ans resistent to quite a lot of weather condition. This make it very flexible and reliable for your next event.


15 Watts power
5x more light compared to the FRIZ CAN
1,500 Lumen


Light Power (W): 3
LED Power (W): 15
Lumen (lm): 320
Charging time 0 to 100 % (h): 6
Charging time 50 to 100 % (h): 3
Operating hours 100 % (h): 10
Operating hours 50 % (h): 20
Operating hours 25 % (h): 40
Standby time from 100 to 25 % (h): 500
WiFi systems (GHz): 2,4
LED type: COB
CRI: 80
Dimensions (L|W|H) (mm): approx. 70|70|120
Weight (g): approx. 530
Light beam angle (°): 90
IP: 65
Battery: Sanyo Li-ion
Operating temp. range (°C): -20 to +40
Storage temp. (°C): -20 to +60
Note: Below 0°C the battery capacity will reduce to 50 % only