The CUBE is a minimalist piece of beauty. Little flourishes. Rather straightforward. This makes it a timeless eye-catcher on tables and at bars without being pushy.

The CUBE is available in two designs: smoky or translucent. In combination with the base frame colors rosegold, black, and silver. Suitable for every occasion.


The CUBE is resistant to champagne and rain showers. This makes it ideal for outdoor use. At a pool, on a boat, or at a garden party: the right atmosphere is secured.

Wireless Plug&Play

Cables are annoying. You either trip on them. Or you painstakingly have to lay them. Both cannot happen with FRIZ products. Just as little as short circuits. We rely on powerful batteries and secure creative freedom at any place. Place your CUBE. Activate it with the remote. Choose your color. Done. If needed several CUBES and CANS are easily connectable. Setting up a wifi network is not necessary. Indoor wireless range is approx. 20 m. Out door even up to 50 m.

Night crawler

Even if you get tired over time at night. Your FRIZ CUBE never lets you down. Eight to ten hours at maximum brightness. At normal brightness even up to one entire day. When you return, it is still there. Thanks to its battery life of approx. 2,000 charging cycles the CUBE becomes a year-long companion

Full color spectrum

High-quality Toshiba and Sanyo batteries deliver the necessary energy for the 15 W LEDs inside the CUBE. The produced CRI (Color Rending Index) of 95-97 stands for maximum color purity. For all of our products we use LEDs with five colors only. This very natural look is fully variable over the entire color spectrum. By choosing warm-white or cold-white you can select the right atmosphere for you bar or restaurant at the touch of a button.

  • Light Power (W): 2
  • LED Power (W): 15
  • Lumen (lm): 210
  • Charging time 0 to 100 % (h): 3
  • Charging time 50 to 100 % (h): 1,5
  • Operating hours 100 % (h): 8
  • Operating hours 50 % (h): 16
  • Operating hours 25 % (h): 32
  • Standby time from 100 to 25 % (h): 250
  • WiFi systems (GHz): 2,4
  • LED type: COB
  • CRI: 95
  • Dimensions (L|W|H) (mm): approx. 85|85|110
  • Weight (g): approx. 820
  • Light beam angle (°): 220
  • IP: 63
  • Battery: Sanyo Li-ion
  • Operating temp. range (°C): -20 to +40
  • Storage temp. (°C): -20 to +60
  • Note: Below 0°C the battery capacity will reduce to 50 % only